The Kollel Chatzot Experience

The avreichim share their unique experience of midnight study in the special atmosphere of the Kollel Chatzot.

To the Dear Rosh Kollel Catzot, HaRav Yehoshua Meir Deutsch Shlita,

I wanted to tell you about the great importance of the Kollel Chatzot, about the incredible unity, which is something I haven't seen anywhere before. How everyone helps each other to wake up at midnight - "At midnight I rise to give you thanks etc., I am a friend of all who fear you, of all who obey your laws" (Psalms 119) Only thanks to such good friends one can rise every night at Chatzot. When I have a hard time getting up my friend helps me and when he needs encouragement I help him - that makes me realize what fellowship is all about.
There are hardly any words to describe the livening and stirring way the Tikun Chatzot is made every midnight - a thing I could never achieve if I had stayed at home. If one really knew all we achieve by the special intense study, especially in the long 'Golden Nights' of the winter, with the clear and limpid mind of midnight, that cannot be achieved during other hours of the day, as mentioned in the holy books that an hour of night study equals to a day of learning. The outpouring of the soul on my own with HaShem at Hisboydedus every night, the influence of which can be felt throughout the day, the wonderful 'yishuv hadaas' (settled mind) and the 'Siata d'Shamya' surrounding you everywhere you go with the happiness of following the advice of Rabbi Nachman with emunah to simply talk to HaShem for an hour every day. And what can I say about the merit to daven Shachris at sunrise in such a wonderful moderate manner with such excitement!
Great is your merit Rabi Yehoshua, for making all this possible and in addition bestowing us a significant grant to enable us to devote our nights to this sublime purpose.
May HaShem help you to fulfill all your great plans and merit all the blessings for your noble goals and complete really soon the project of the holy building with settled mind and great joy. Amen.

Your Sincerely,
Shlomo Tutian