After contributing to our Kollel, many of our supporters have experienced miracles. Whether for a long-awaited child, or a shidduch, or to solve problems with earning a living, contributing to Kollel Chatzos is a way to guarantee that your prayers are answered.
Below are just a few of the many letters we've received testifying to the power of Torah learning at Chatzot. The details and veracity of the letters below can be confirmed with the Rosh Kollel, Harav Deutch.

January 1 2018
I have been fortunate to have found a warm welcome over the last five years as an avreich in the choshuv Beis Midrash of Kollel Chatzot, of the holy community of Beitar. My wife and I have been hoping and longing for a child for the last eight years, and at long last, Hashem Yisborach has blessed us with a great yeshuo. I have decided to write a few words about our experience, to tell the glory of Hashem Yisborach, and of the tsaddikim I have encountered here and the zechus of this holy Kollel.
Every couple in our situation knows of the hardships, the tremendous nisayon, the endless strength needed to cope. The suffering of childlessness is deep as the sea, inconsolable, and all we can do is turn to Hashem Yisborach and beg Him to fill this terrible absence in our hearts and homes.
Many people dont really understand this suffering but here in Kollel Chatzos, in this Beis Midrash, things are a little different. (The Rosh Kollel always heartens those in such situations, giving his blessings with all his heart as if he himself feels the pain. Nonetheless, he does not allow despair and sorrow to prevail, constantly inspiring all with new hope and positive direction).
One morning after a night of Torah and early morning vasikin davening, I went to speak to the Rosh Kollel. I had heard much of the segula of Torah learning at chatzos, and had listened to the experiences of those in situations like ours, who had seen wonders and yeshuos through supporting the Kollel, miracles and the help of Hashem beyond the realm of nature. This segula is brought down in the holy seforim, and especially in the Zohar Hakadosh.
I am only a simple student, without means, I told the Rosh Kollel, but I want to support and be a partner in the study of the Torah and in the work here at the Kollel, in the hope that the zechus of tzedakah and the davening of the avreichim here for those who support learning will help, and that we will be zoche to a yeshuo. The Rosh Kollel was happy to hear of my wishes, and mentioned the segula of Rabbenu Ben Ish Hai, suggesting that I cover the costs of soft drinks for those learning at chatzos, to support them in their work. He gave me an amount, which even though it was not large, was still a challenge for me. After great effort, I managed to obtain the sum, and brought it to the Rosh Kollel, giving him my full Hebrew name and that of my wife, so that he and the avreichim would be able to daven for us and mention us for bracha at the hour when the Shechinah, rejoicing in the nachas ruach from tzaddikim who get up in the middle of the night to learn Torah, grants yeshuos and brachos to all supplicants. The Rav accepted the amount and promised me that he would make sure we would be mentioned in davening and before learning for zechus, and that he was certain we would see yeshuo soon.
And this is exactly how things unfolded. The avreichim had my name and that of my wife on their lists for yeshuo, and knew to mention our names as often as possible in their davening, whether before learning or when travelling to holy places. On Erev Rosh Chodesh Kislev, when the Kollel usually travels to the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai to send up tefillos for all the supporters of the Kollel, the Rosh Kollel, in the broadness of his vision, asked everyone without exception to leave the Kollel premises, and to come on the journey, saying they would certainly see yeshuos. He even called the journey the yeshuos trip. Of course, I went, and also joined in tefillas Shacharis in Meiron. The Rav made a fine mi sheberach for us, and all the avreichim responded Amen with great sincerity. After that we travelled to the graves of the Shelah and of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes in Tiveria, where we also davened.
But the Rosh Kollel was not finished in his efforts, and announced on the way back that he would be having a seudas Rosh Chodesh in the evening at his home, open to all who wanted to come, to share and to bring something for the Seuda. I went to the Seuda, and again received a long, big-hearted mi sheberach, where all the avreichim responded with heartfelt Amen!
It almost goes without saying that in that month we witnessed yeshuas Hashem in our lives, and in that yeshuo, the greatness of Kollel Chatzot, of the vibrant, zealous and holy Torah learning in this place shone like a bright light. We saw for ourselves that the promises of Rashbi and others can be fulfilled, and that we can be zoche for yeshuos in our time. And we saw how important, and how great it is to give tzedakah. Even when it is difficult and there is no money, Hashem sees into the heart of those who make an effort, however small.
I have written of my experiences to fulfill the mitzva to "inform the people of Hashems greatness" and also that of gratitude, to the Rosh Kollel, who is so dedicated to raising the quantity and quality of Torah learning. I also want to recommend to each and every person to give tzedakah to this holy and pure place. My eyes are lifted to Hashem Yisborach, and I daven for His constant help. I daven for all our fellow benei Yisroel who are still hoping and yearning for children that Hashem Yisborach will bring them joy and fill that terrible void, and that He will bring them yeshuo with chessed, rachamim, and happiness in healthy sons for avodas Hashem, And a special blessing to the Rosh Kollel for all his hard work on behalf of all the avreichim here. With Hashems help, may all his efforts be fruitful. Amen.
Sincerely, An Avreich from Kollel Chatzos

October 1 2017
I would like to share with you the power of Kollel Chatzos. I became a donor of the Kollel approximately 8 years ago. I have also had the privilege of visting and learning with the kollel at chatzos on a number of trips I had made to israel. As I have seen the intensity and joy of the averichem learning in the kollel first hand, it was obvious to me that this is a very special and holy place. 

After becoming a donor to the kollel I b'h got married. However, after some time we were not having luck in conceiving. I called Rabbi Deutch and asked him and the kollel to pray on our behalf. He suggested the segulah of the Ben-Ish Chai, to supply coffee to the averichem to help them concentrate in their learning. I eagerly contributed funds to the Kollel for this segulah, and B'h, soon after we were blessed with a baby boy.
A.S. New York

Blessing of a Child
December 5 2017

To HaRav HaChoshuv, Rabbi Yehoshua Meir Deutsch Sh’lita, the Rosh Kollel of the esteemed “Kollel Chatzot”, Israel/Eretz Yisroel

We wish to thank you and your avreichim tzaddikim, who devote themselves to bringing the Geula by learning Torah.
As you know so well, we waited six years hoping and praying for a child.  We went through day by difficult day, experiencing hardships which cannot be set down in writing.  No writer could describe the pain of an avreich, learning in a kollel blessed with daily announcements of the births of children, the pain of a teacher in a school where all her friends are busy with strollers and baby carriages.  But our house was empty, we had no toys, strollers or baby cribs.  Ours was a home full of tears, as we coped with our sorrow from day to day, as we came home to four silent walls.  We went to many tzaddikim, explored every possible option, but...

As an avreich, parnasa is a constant source of worry. But I saw the avreichim tzaddikim getting up at chatzos and pouring their hearts out to Hashem Yisborach.  The tikkun chatzos that I heard, the learning which pulled at my heartstrings was from these very avreichim, your avreichim tzaddikim whose only desire is to serve Hashem.

And at that moment, I saw that here was our answer.  These avreichim were pouring out their hearts to the One above, the One who held the key to our salvation in His Hands.  It was not simple, but we decided to contribute to this Kollel, and found a way to do so.

And we felt certain that from this action alone, our yeshuo would come.
And.... as you know, exactly ten months later, the day came when we were zoche to the incredible happiness of hearing the baby’s cry, to hold a healthy, whole baby boy in our arms.

We are writing these words to express our thanks to the avreichim tzaddikim, and to you the dedicated Rosh Kollel who toils constantly for this holy Kollel, a place that Hashem Yisborach can take pride in, just as Yishayahu says he takes pride in Am Yisroel, " "  (Yishayahu 49:3)

Thank you very much, for in your merit our home is full of happiness and true yiddishe nachas.

In appreciation and gratitude.

Shmuel and Shoshana W.
and baby Shimon

Tel. 052-7114110

Protected From Harm
On October 29, 2012, the day that Hurricane Sandy slammed into the United States' Eastern Seaboard, Rabbi Deutsch received several phone calls from his loyal supporters, requesting that the Kollel pray for their welfare. The avreichim of Kollel Chatzos literally tore the Heavens apart with their pleas for all of Am Yisrael, and specifically for the generous men and women who contribute regularly to the Kollel.

In Rabbi Deutsch's own words, "Once the storm had abated, I phoned the Kollel's friends in New York to see how they had fared. All those who contributed a regular monthly donation suffered no damage.

"Thursday, I received a phone call from Ms. Ozri who lives in Mill Basin, almost bordering the beach. They have a Yissaschar-Zevulun partnership in our Kollel, Although their street was flooded on either side of them, their house remained completely dry. Even their car was not damaged. As it turned out, despite the extensive damage to the neighborhood, the properties of all those who partnered with Kollel Chatzos were not damaged by the storm.

"But I wasn't really surprised. After all, in all our holy seforim it says that those who support limud Torah during the midnight hours will be protected from harm."

The Final Verdict
One year ago, About a year ago, a very prominent New York family contacted me to request that the Kollel daven for their brother, Chaim, a prominent Brooklyn doctor and head of a large clinic. One of the doctors working under him was found guilty of forging documents and medical records, and although Chaim knew nothing about it, since it was his clinic, he was held responsible. The family was petrified that he would end up spending years in jail.

I told them that they should take upon themselves the merit of supporting at least a few hours of limud Torah at Chatzos, and that of course the entire Kollel would fervently pray that he be proven innocent.

The night before the final verdict, one of Chaim's brothers called me in hysterics. He had just finished speaking with Chaim's lawyer, who told him that if they were lucky, Chaim would only be sentenced to a few years in jail, and if not

I told them that the Kollel had dedicated their limud Torah to his zechus, and that the following night we would make a special pidyon nefesh with all of the avreichim in the Kollel.

The next day the Judge handed down his final verdict - a monetary fine.

Pessach Miracle
It was less than two weeks to Pesach, but the Cohen family was too depressed to even think about cleaning. Two months ago, the head of the household, Reb Shlomo was arrested for illegal immigration, and he had been in jail ever since!

Reb Shlomo's brother called me to tell me about the situation, "His wife and children can't stop crying. They aren't allowed to send him ANYTHING, not even Tefillin, or matzos for the Seder! When we asked the authorities if it's possible for him to come home for the Seder, they just laughed and said there's nothing to discuss."

I was in the middle of distributing kimcha d'Pischa to the Kollel families. Without thinking too much I said, "Let them provide the matzos to the Kollel families, and in the same way that they are liberating these families from financial worry, Hashem will free your brother from prison."

Reb Shlomo's brother immediately sent me a check for $10,000 to cover the cost of matzos for the entire Kollel. I ordered the matzos from the bakery. That night, I raced to the Kollel and told the avreichim that they would all have matzos for Pesach. Then I flung open the Aron Kodesh and, together with all the tzaddikim who learn in Kollel Chatzos, we poured out our hearts in prayer that Reb Shlomo be allowed to return home for Yom Tov. All our learning and prayers were dedicated to that cause.

A few days later, just four days to the Seder, Reb Shlomo's brother called to inform me that nothing had changed. I said, "Let's see what happens tomorrow." The following day I received the matzos from the bakery and distributed them to the avreichim.

I had no doubt that this act of chessed would shake up the Heavens. And so it was. That day Reb Shomo was summoned to court. The Judge asked why he was in prison. When the guards explained that he had entered the country illegally, the Judge responded, "Let him go home!"

Today, Reb Shlomo is one of Kollel Chatzos' biggest fans.

The Best Insurance
Some time ago, one of our supporters, a very successful businessman, and head of a large mortgage company in Brooklyn, called to tell me that a very large mortgage company with fifty branches throughout the country was planning to open a branch in his neighborhood. "If they open up, I'm finished," he cried.

Without hesitating, I told him, "You support Torah learning at Chatzos - that's the best insurance for your business. There's no reason to worry." I suggested that he make an additional Yissaschar-Zevulun contract with another avreich, so that he would have two Yissaschar Zevulun contracts to benefit his business - and one to benefit himself.

He agreed, and signed the Yissaschar-Zevulun contract. A short time later, he phoned me, and in a voice laden with emotion he told me about the yeshua. Although the company opened a branch in Brooklyn, for some reason the workers there were not happy with the conditions. The branch soon closed, and the supporter ended up moving his business to that premises.

A Real Partner
The following story happened in Williamsburg, New York in Shevat, 2012.
Every time I'm in New York I spend at least one Shabbos in Williamsburg with my dear friend, Reb Yaakov. Reb Yaakov heads a very successful air conditioning business, and often donates to the Kollel, although he does not give a regular, monthly amount.

He recently told me that his business was not so good, and that it had been like that for the last six months.

I told him that I felt that for his business to succeed, he has to give a regular monthly donation to the Kollel, so that a set amount of hours each month will be learned for his zechus. "Even if it is just a small amount, in this way you'll have a regular share in the Kollel's learning," I explained.

Reb Yaakov was agreeable, "But first," he said, "I'll have to ask my partner. Come down to the business Monday at noon, and try to convince him of the importance of contributing to Kollel Chatzos. "

The reception I got was not especially welcoming! As I walked into the office, Reb Yaakov's partner yelled from his office, "Yaakov, who did you bring today? Don't tell me another shnorrer." He refused to even listen to what I had to say, and began screaming at me: "Don't waste your precious time. The most you'll get here is $100."

"You're right, I really don't want to waste my time," I said. I showed him the album of the avreichim learning and explained the importance of learning during the auspicious hours of chatzos. Then I took a small paper out of my pocket, a contract that I had made with one of our supporters in Flatbush. It had details of a very large real estate deal, and stated that with the contract he is giving an advanced payment of $500, and if the deal goes through, he promises to send the Kollel $360 each month. I explained to Reb Yaakov's partner that the deal had been finalized the previous week --- after more than two years of negotiations, and I showed him the 12 checks for $360.

The partner thought for a moment and then said, "Okay. I'll make an even better deal with you. I'm giving you the twelve checks NOW."

I agreed, but told him that I also had two conditions: 1) that he take the contract seriously and 2) every deal that he makes in the coming year, he'll give the Kollel 4%."

"Okay," was his succinct reply.

We signed the contract and he gave me 12 checks of $180 each, to cover 36 hours of limud Torah. We shook hands and I told them that I had no doubt that from now on they will see a blessing in their business.

The phone call came even before I had a chance to leave the office. When Reb Yaakov's partner hung up the phone, he was shaking with emotion. "Do you know who just called?" he asked. It was a company that they had been trying to get a hold of for over six months! The company wanted them to install an air conditioning system for their huge factory and they want them to do it as quickly as possible!

The Heavenly Match
I met Yisrael of Great Neck in Uman, and we soon became very close friends. Yisrael quickly got involved in helping me to raise money for the Kollel. One time when he picked me up at the New York airport he suddenly became very serious and said, "Rabbi Deutsch, I am already 29 years old, and I am still not married. What will become of me?"

I encouraged him to give a monthly donation to the Kollel, explaining that we would dedicate those hours of learning to his zechus. "I have no doubt," I added, "that within the year I will dance at your wedding.

Yisrael was surprised. "What, you'd make a special trip to New York to come to my wedding?"

I told him that I had no idea how it would work out, but that I'd daven for it to happen. I blessed him that he find his beshert soon, and he gave me a regular monthly donation of $180.

A few months later, he got engaged and called to thank me for our prayers. Then he added: "Do you remember that you told me you'll dance at my wedding?"

"Of course," I said.

His wedding took place in Kislev, which is when I travel to the States for my annual visit to raise funds for the Kollel. It was in Great Neck and I made a special trip to attend it.

There were about 700 people at the wedding, but since there was no proper mechitza I waited outside and asked someone to let him know that I was there. That person began to laugh - he was positive that Yisrael would never run out of his own wedding to speak with me. But he did.

And yes, we danced together -- outside the wedding hall.

The Most Intensive Care
I am a very, very close friends with Reb Shmuel. Each time we get together, we learn words of chizuk and Rebbe Nachman's Torah. We encourage each other to spend time in hisbodedus, and strengthen each other in emuna.

One day he phoned me in a panic. His six year old son was in the ICU. His entire body had swollen up, including his lungs. He was barely breathing.

He asked me what the Kollel needed. I told him that the last time I had paid the avreichim their monthly stipend was two months ago. The Kollel's financial situation was desperate.

"How much do you need?" he asked.


He told me to take it off of his credit card.

That same night I wrote checks to all the avreichim in the Kollel. After we made a pidyon nefesh for the son, we opened the Aron Kodesh and literally tore open the heavens with our tears. That week, all our learning was dedicated to this little boy's full recovery. A week later, my friend called to tell me that the doctors were in a state of shock - his son woke up that morning -- completely healthy.

Finally, there will be joy in our home!

I am writing this letter with deep emotions. I myself have not fully comprehended the incredible gift that HaKadosh Baruch Hu presented to my wife and I. I am writing these words as I am traveling from the hospital to my house, and the tears are still falling freely.

Today, after eight years of waiting, praying, crying and hoping, my wife gave birth to our first child, a beautiful, healthy daughter. The sound of an infant will be heard in our house! Finally, there will be joy in our home!

As soon as the baby was born, I immediately called Rabbi Yehoshua Meir Deutsch, shlita, Rosh Kollel Chatzos, to thank him for the wonderful miracle that occurred in his merit and in the merit of the avreichim who are learning in his kollel.

Rabbi Deutsch and I have been friends since when we learned together in yeshiva as youngsters. Whenever we would meet, he would offer me words of encouragement, telling me that Hashem would help and that I would eventually become a father. He promised that if I would give a respectable donation to the Kollel, in the merit of the Torah learned at midnight, Hashem would surely help us. "I could guarantee you that within a year you will have a child" he would tell me.

I repeatedly told him, 'Make a miracle for me, and then I will contribute to the kollel.' But he would answer, 'No. First give the money, then the miracle will happen'. This went on for over two years.

Then one day, Rabbi Deutsch said in front of two people; "These two men will be our witnesses to the promise which I will make to you. If you give an appropriate donation to the Kollel, within a year you will have a child!"

After I contributed a sizeable donation to the Kollel, Rabbi Deutsch included my name in the Kollel's Kvittel and promised, "Now your yeshua will occur! As it states in the Zohar, 'Those who wake up at chatzos, can bring about miracles'."

Well, a miracle happened. Nine and a half months later (!!!!!!!!!) my wife gave birth to our first daughter!!!!

I want to express my gratitude to Rabbi Deutsch and the avreichim who were my messengers, and are the messengers for the entire Jewish nation.
With great joy and gratitude,


For further verifications, call:052-762-3320

He no longer had cancer

To the tzaddikim of Kollel Chatzot,

In August of 2005 my father Menachem ben Miriam was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Second and third opinions confirmed the original diagnosis. Then we met Rabbi Deutsch, learned about the magnificent Kollel Chatzos and contributed to their holy work. The prayers of the rabbis at the Kollel proved to be so powerful that when my father went for a fourth opinion, he was told that he no longer had cancer!!! It should be of no surprise that the day the doctor reviewed the results of my father's biopsy was one day after Rabbi Deutsch began praying for my father. Clearly Hashem is watching out for us and the prayers of everyone, especially those of the Kollel were effective in eradicating my father's disease. For this we are eternally grateful to Rabbi Deutsch and the Kollel.

Miriam Kassin, New Jersey

Despite the doctors' dire predictions our baby is healthy

Dear Rabbi Yehoshua Meir Deutsch, shlita,

When my wife was expecting our tenth child, the doctors predicted that the child would be born sick. We turned to Rabbi Yehoshua Meir Deutsch, Rosh Kollel of Kollel Chatzos for advice. After visiting the Kollel and being impressed by the deep devotion of the Torah scholars who studied there, I made a substantial contribution. In return, the Kollel recited special prayers and learned throughout the night on our behalf.

A few days after we contributed to the Kollel, new tests showed that the baby was fine, and no one could understand why!

Baruch Hashem despite the doctors' dire predictions our baby is completely healthy. I am positive that it was the prayers and Torah learning of the Torah scholars at Kollel Chatzos that turned the situation around. Fortunate are their portion, in both this world and the next!

Yours truly,



I included some of the documents which demonstrate the miracle.

Your prayers work miracles!!!

Dear Rabbi Deutsch,

I sponsored a night of learning at your kollel and I must say that your prayers work miracles! It is really amazing how Hashem heeds those who learn by night. I would like to make another donation


Eidel Bryskine

Saved our financial situation

Hi Rabbi Duetsch,

I was on your davening list the week before Pesach for the week sponsorship that I sent out shortly before that. On the day that I sent the money, I received an unexpected tax return of $700.00, which really saved our financial situation. This was even before the Torah scholars started praying for my welfare! If the merit of tzedakah alone can bring about such a big yeshua, I am positive that the power of these young men's prayers will result in further yeshuos and good news for my family as well as all of Klal Yisrael.

Thank You

Yochanan Gordon

New York, April 2008

I owe you my life

Dear Rabbi Deutsch, shlita,

When I donated money to the Kollel, I begged you to daven for something far beyond nature - that my wife recover and be able to live a normal life without medications. Baruch Hashem, my wife is now completely healthy. I credit the merit of the Kollel's Torah study and prayers for my wife's miraculous recovery. I owe you my life."

Signed with tears of joy and gratitude,

F.S. , Brookyn , NY

He miraculously regained his health

Dear Rabbi Deutsch, shlita,

When a member of my family was ill and unconscious, I donated money to Kollel Chatzos, asking that the Torah scholars learn in the merit that my relative have a speedy recovery. Much to the doctors' amazement, he miraculously regained his health.

Yehoshua Gottlieb
Israel, Tel: 972-2-580-7247

I am engaged to a wonderful Jewish girl

I met Rabbi Deutch about a year and a half ago when he visited our community in Great Neck, New York. He described the Kollel and spoke about all the great miracles and salvations that people had experienced in the merit of the students' prayers and all-night learning.

At the time I was in need of a shidduch. I began contributing to the Kollel on a regular basis and the rabbi promised that within a year I would find my beshert. Rabbi Deutsch would call me every Rosh Chodesh from the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meiron to tell me that he was personally praying on my behalf.

Today, a year later, I am engaged to a very wonderful Jewish girl. As soon as we were engaged I phoned Rabbi Deutsch to thank him for his help.

Rabbi Deutsch kept his word.

Gai Israel Gohari - Great Neck, Ny 516-8515198

My wife gave birth to a boy

For many years my wife and I were unable to have children. I contributed to Kollel Chatzos and requested that the Torah learning be for the merit of our being blessed with a child. Each month, on a specific day, money was automatically transferred from my account to the Kollel. Ten months after we started contributing to Kollel Chatzos, on that exact day of the month that the money was transferred to the Kollel, my wife gave birth to a boy.

David Friedman
Israel, Tel: 972-2-580-2977

I got married ten days before the six months were over

Dear Rabbi Deutsch,
I wish to thank you for your part in my yeshua. On 25th of Shvat 2006 a relative of mine brought me to a parlor meeting on behalf of the Kollel Chatzot after he had contributed to the Kollel the previous year and experienced a tremendous yeshua.

At the meeting, I told Rav Deutsch that I was twenty eight and in need of a shidduch and the sponsored two nights of learning at the Kollel. Rav Deutsch said he believed that in the zechus of the scholars learning and of their prayers, within the next half year I would find myself standing under the chupa. I got married ten days before the six months were over

Again, thank you Rav Deutsch and the Torah scholars of Kollel Chatzot.
Sara Rachel - L.A.

I reached a fair settlement

Dear Rabbi Deutsch & the Torah scholars studying in the Kollel,

Thank you for your prayers. I am happy to report that I reached a fair settlement for my client with the IRS auditor.

I was having a very tough time with this case, but, thank G-d, it took a turn for the better after you got involved. The case was finalized earlier than expected, making the Feb. 21st meeting unnecessary.

I appreciate all your efforts for myself and everyone else.

I wish all of you good health and happiness.