The Kollel Chatzot Experience

The avreichim share their unique experience of midnight study in the special atmosphere of the Kollel Chatzot.

From the day I joined the Kollel Chatzot of HaRav Deutsch, I began to realize what Torah study and Kirvas Hashem really mean. The unity, love and happiness among the avreichim are indescribable, and so is the warm and caring attention each one gets from HaRav Deutsch, which enables everyone to study with joy and Harchavas Hadaas, rising the personal learning and davening power within each one's heart. Learning and davening with this power feels completely different. It is a known fact that of Avoidas Hashem from love enables the study to be more lucid, and one feels closer to Hashem, especially with the peace and quite of midnight released from the everyday worldly troubles. In such a holy place, of Torah and Avoidas Hashem, at such a peaceful time, one cannot avoid thinking about Hashem and about Am Isroel and our troubles in the exile, and implore that each Jew is redeemed from his worries and pains, that the light of Torah and Tfilah should shine for everyone, enabling us to see that there's nothing except for HaShem, who controls and cares for everything. The joy and humbleness that are so typical to the Kollel Chatzot make the perfect study atmosphere.
It seems like there's nothing like this tranquility in the whole world and this feeling makes everyone here happy and this happiness passes on to the families, who can feel the liveliness of the head of the family from studying in a place with such Harchavas Hadaas.
Lately, HaRav Deutsch keeps talking with us about the holy building that he wants to be built just for Torah and Tfilah. From looking at the crowdedness in the study hall right now, one can see the wonderful Harchavas Hadaas and the greatly important benefit to the quality of the study that would be achieved from studying in an appropriate place with the necessary conditions. My prayer is that the dream of HaRav Deutsch should be realized to add Kvod HaShem in the world.

Your Sincerely,
Moshe Shor