The Kollel Chatzot Experience

The avreichim share their unique experience of midnight study in the special atmosphere of the Kollel Chatzot.

At the time when the whole world is going to sleep, and finishing their day, I am just starting my day.

I start my night with tikun chatzos, sharing in the pain of the Shechina and with prayers and song for the Final Redemption speedily.
After that I start to study torah with a clear head, without all the regular, daytime distractions. At this hour there are no banks, no shopping and no family obligations. There aren't any of the many things which distract us from torah study.

The torah that is studied during this time has a total different feeling. There is nothing like it. Whoever learned torah at this time once will understand. During these hours, it is hard to stop studying. Divrei torah at any time at any day is a very great thing. But when done during these hours it's totally different. The Siyata dishmaya, the amount covered is not like any other time, and that is a fact.

Even if I am tired I remain awake and alert, because everywhere around me the fire of torah burns. The rosh kollel is indefatigable. He stirs us all onward with his great love and enthusiasm.

Afterwards there is tefillas shacahris at sunrise. Each tefilla here is like ne'ila on yom kippur. With such sweetness and yearning.

I have learned in many kollelim before but here I merited to accomplish what I haven't accomplished in any other place. I thank Hashem that He has such a kollel in this world. And I thank Harav Deutsch Shlita who leads the kollel with keenness and understanding.

Your Sincerely,
Eliyahu Tutian