What is the Kollel's Kvittel?

The Kvittel is a list of our sponsors, together with the names of their loved ones, with requests for prayers.

Every Tuesday at midnight, the Torah scholars of Kollel Chatzot travel to the Kosel where they spend an hour praying for each of the people listed on the Kvittel. Once a month, on Erev Rosh Chodesh, the entire Kollel travels to Meiron, to the grave of the holy rabbi, Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, author of the Zohar, to pray for the people listed on the Kvittel. Each name and request is mentioned separately, with great devotion.

Who is eligible to be listed in the Kollel's Kvittel?

Anyone who sponsors a minimum of one night of Torah learning is eligible to be listed in the Kvittel and to have his loved ones listed in the Kvittel.

The Kollel’s kvittel, which contains each of our supporters’ full Hebrew name together with their individual prayer requests (and is updated on a weekly basis), is placed on a shtender located directly opposite the above plaque. Each night, those Kollel members who are in a Yissaschar Zevulun partnership, as well as those members who daven for the night’s sponsor, stand at the shtender and daven for their partners’/that night’s sponsor’s zechus.

The Zohar Hakodesh states that there are three places in the world where the Shechina is always present: at the Kosel, at Kever Rochel and in a place where Torah is being learned during the midnight hours.

Once a week the members of Kollel Chatzos travel to the Kosel and Kever Rochel, and each erev Rosh Chedesh to Meiron. There, in these very special placed filled with kedusha, they daven for the zechus of our supporters, reciting each name and individual request as is inscribed in the Kollel kvittel

To learn how to sponsor a night/week of Torah learning, click here.