Our sages tell us about the special relationship that existed between the tribes of Yissaschar and Zevulun. Actually, it was a business contract. The tribe of Zevulun engaged in commerce and gave half their profits to the tribe of Yissaschar, enabling Yissaschar to study Torah without financial worry. In return, the tribe of Yissaschar shared the eternal reward of their Torah study with Zevulun. The partnership brought the two tribes great success. Yissaschar's Torah study flourished while Zevulun's business affairs thrived. But Zevulun was rewarded with much more than financial success. Although he was unable to devote much time to Torah study, he was granted an equal share in the spiritual reward of Yissaschar's Torah study.
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Yissaschar - Zevulun partnership contract for a year

At Kollel Chatzot, we provide you with the opportunity to enter into a personal Yissaschar - Zevulun partnership with one of our dedicated Torah scholars. His Torah study becomes your personal heavenly advocate. Together, you sign a contract in which the Torah scholar agrees to share the eternal reward of his Torah study in exchange for your financial support. In other words by giving him the opportunity to learn, he will be learning for the two of you.

It's a win-win situation. You gain in two ways: the spiritual reward of your partner's Torah study in addition to the Almighty's blessing of material success for those who support Torah study.

Click here to enter into a Yissaschar-Zevulun partnership with a Kollel Chatzot Torah scholar. I understand that in return for my financial support of $700/month for twelve months, totaling the yearly sum of $8400, I will have a share in the eternal reward of his Torah learning for that year and in all that the Shulchan Aruch promises to one who learns Torah during the hours of Chatzot.
(שלחן ערוך:יורה דעה סימן 246 סעיף 1)
In addition, my partner will pray for me and for my family's welfare.

Email or call the Rosh Kollel Rav Y.M. Deutsch to learn the details.
sponsor a scholar
sponsor a scholar

"It is a great privilege to take part in the Torah learning of these Torah scholars who push sleep away from their eyes. It will be an eternal merit for you and your family. There is nothing that draws down Heavenly mercy more than toiling in the holy Torah during these hours."
HaRav Ya'akov Meir Schechter, shlita
Rosh Mesivta of the Yeshiva of Mekubalim
Sha'arei Shamayim