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The first stage of the building is reaching its end, and we are anxiously awaiting the moment that we can move into our new home, when we can join together to learn Torah around the clock and merit the Shechina's presence. We are still $80,000 short, and once we pay that money we will be able to move in within two weeks time. This is when your help is most needed and your zechus is even greater to help us complete the first stage of the building, enabling the Kollel's learning to move and be permanently heard under our own roof.

In just a short time the first phase of our new building will open its doors - and once they are open, they will remain open around the clock! The voice of Torah of dozens of avreichim will echo within from midnight and all day long - with the lights and air conditioner on whenever one enters!

The new building will house:
  • Our very special Kollel Chatzos, which brings tremendous zechuyos to all of klal Yisrael
  • A morning kollel
  • The halacha kollel in the afternoon, where young scholars are trained to serve the community as poskim and rabbonim
  • Minyanim for Shacharis, mincha and maariv
  • An outreach center
  • Shiurim for the women
The first phase of construction, which will eventually become the first floor of our larger, future building, will consist of:
  1. a roomy Bais Medrash/synagogue
  2. a classroom/women's section
  3. an entrance hall
  4. a small kitchen where coffee, tea, cold drinks and light refreshments will be available around the clock.

Read all about it in the article recently published in Hamodia.

Our new building will serve as a Torah center for Beitar, with three minyanim a day and non-stop Torah study and shiurim - a makom torah pulsating with activity.

But meanwhile, we have no place to learn. We have no place to call home. And we desperately need your help to create a mikdash me'at, a wellspring of kedusha and inspiration for the community.

Dedication opportunities are still available. For more information please click here to contact the Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Yehoshua Meir Deutsch, shlita.

We're offering you the opportunity of a lifetime
  • the opportunity to attach yourself to eternity, to become one of the founders of a Torah center that will radiate kedusha and draw people close to the Almighty
  • the opportunity to be a full partner in thousands of hours of Torah learning
  • the opportunity to be a full partner in the blessings promised to one who arises at Chatzos to study Torah

In Sivan we moved into the first wing of our new building! Although the construction is almost complete, there are still a few dedication opportunities available. All of the prices quoted below are our real costs.

Dedication opportunities left:
30 square meters (out of a total of 126 square meters) of the Bais Medrash $1800 per sqm.
Refreshment area-kitchenette $18,000
Main entrance to Bais Medresh beautiful double wooden doors with glass inserts, worthy of leading into a makom kodesh DONATED
Magnificent chandelier to illuminate the Bais Medresh $7,000
Two light fixtures to hang in the lobby/building entrance $3,000
Eight table and bench sets, dedication plaque attached to table $1,200 per set
Five bookshelves, including attached dedication plaque $1,000
Cold water machine DONATED
Diesel fireplace to heat the Beis Medresh $6,000
Cloakroom hangers system $4,000
Chazan stand with special dedication $3,500
Cubicle cabinet $3,000
Large digital bulletin board with timetable -
Dedication for the special sink in the lobby $2,800

All our supporters' names will be prominently displayed on a large plaque placed inside the Bais Medrash.

The Second Stage

In the new wing we will be constructing a beautiful mehudar mikveh. We hope to soon start excavations for the building's foundations. The mikveh will be constructed according to the strictest halachic shitot, and will include a hot mikveh, a cold mikveh and 10 showers. Total cost of construction: $250,000.

The Third Stage

The great Beis Medresh of 250 sqm. and 8 m. ceiling, will be built in the second floor together with a great library, study rooms and a lobby, on top of which a gallery for a spacious women's section will be built.

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